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Here’s what people like you have to say about the care at Back in Balance, the Gonstead technique, and the effect it’s had on their lives.

I have had neck and hip issues for many years and have tried several different chiropractors. After coming to Back in Balance my hip pain is virtually gone and my neck pain has improved drastically in a short amount of time. This method is the best I have tried because I do not feel like my head is getting ripped off during the neck adjustments. The adjustments are gentle and very effective. They zero in on the EXACT spot that is causing my troubles which has lead to better results in fewer visits than other chiropractors. This saves me time and money!
Wendy J.
I was scheduled to have surgery on my neck for extreme pain that I have been suffering with for over a year. I have bulging discs and torn ligaments in my neck. I was referred to Back in Balance Family Chiropractic because of Dr. Adam Renelt and the technique he practices called the Gonstead Method.

I was leery of doing surgery as well as seeing a Chiropractor but I thought I would give it a try. After a full evaluation and being told that Dr. Renelt thought he could help me, I decided to give it a try. I have seen him 4 times and have had a few adjustments in my back and 1 in my neck. I have been feeling virtually no pain since I have been going for treatment. I am very glad that I did NOT have surgery and I feel very comfortable being able to call Dr. Renelt if I need further care. I would recommend Dr. Renelt and his Gonstead Practice to anyone considering surgery.
Barb A.
I am 55 years old and have had 3 low back surgeries, a bad whiplash, and also have fibromyalgia. I've dealt with muscle & joint issues and pain for many years. I've had trouble with my right arm for a couple years, been told it was tennis elbow, and informed by an MD that the next step was a cortisone injection. My whole arm from the shoulder to my hand was causing me great pain throughout the day. I waited as long as I could and decided I needed help. I was going to see the orthopedist again but decided I did not want to go through any tests or injections that would just treat the symptoms and not really address the problem.

A couple years ago my granddaughter was unable to hold her head up straight. My daughter took her to a chiropractor when she was about 4 months old and after a few adjustments and some at-home massage and exercises, she was holding her head up normally for the first time since she had been born. I was so impressed and did not forget it.

I hadn't been to a chiropractor in 30 years, but when the arm pain was more than I could tolerate, my daughter referred me to Dr. Ashley. She did x-rays, an exam, and adjusted me on the first visit. My shoulder blade was out of place, as well as areas of my neck and low back where I was having issues as well. I swear when I left her office that day I felt like a million dollars. I went back 4 or 5 times and have been seeing her ever since whenever I start to have an issue. She is very good at what she does and is so willing to come in on an evening, a Sat, or a Sun if you need immediate attention. She always reminds me of the exercises to do to try to prevent future flare-ups and visits.

I very much appreciate the help I have gotten from her, AND it is very, very affordable for me. I believe it is one of the best decisions I have made for my healthcare issues. Thank you Dr. Ashley!!!!!
I injured my back about 10 months ago, had severe back pain for a few months afterwards and lost some feeling and strength in my left foot. After several months the pain went away, but the numbness in my foot remained and hadn’t improved. Then, about one month ago some of the pain resurfaced.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Adam Renelt of Back in Balance Family Chiropractic in Sioux Falls. Dr. Adam took a few x-rays and found a problem area in my spine. He made an adjustment to my back that day and a few more adjustments in the following weeks. Now, my back feels better than it has in years, the numbness in my foot is gone and the strength is returning to the muscles.
Michael M.
I wanted to share a testimonial of my experience with Dr. Adam and Back in Balance. I occasionally need a chiropractor for those times that I move in the wrong direction and my whole body does not move in unison. Typically Dr. Adam is able to get me back in shape with just one adjustment. For years I have had reoccurring upper arm pain that would flair up with heavy activity. This started years before I met Adam. He showed me that a muscle in my shoulder was tight and that if I massaged it right above the shoulder blade that my arm would heal quicker. It worked. Recently I had elbow pain and he showed me where to massage my forearm and again I got relief. Dr. Adam actually treats the problem and I am very happy with the relief I have gotten after visiting Back in Balance.
Jerry M.
When at 25 weeks pregnant with twins, I began to experience tremendous lower back, hip and leg pain, and went to see Dr. Ashley at “Back in Balance”. After just one treatment my back, hip and leg pain was almost completely gone. I continued to see Ashley throughout my pregnancy and was able to continue working, slept better and carried my twins until 36 weeks.

After the twins were born, my husband and I began to notice that Brenna, the youngest of the twins, was “puking” a lot. We first went to see our pediatrician and Brenna was put on medication for reflux. Then after the “puking” continued, we decided that Brenna should see Dr. Ashley, too. At 4 months of age we took Brenna to “Back in Balance” and after two treatments we were able to stop the medication for reflux and Brenna had stopped “puking”.
I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Ashley for her great care of pregnant women and infants of all ages. 
Sara and Brenna B.
I have been visiting with Dr. Adam for about three years. He has been wonderful with helping me with arthritis pain in my hands as well as chronic back issues. Dr. Adam is patient and kind and will make anyone feel "at home" in his clinic. Highly recommended!
Mychelle G.
I was referred to Dr. Adam by a friend after an ongoing lower back issue. I was able to get in a super timely manner and he created a care plan that had me good as new after 3 sessions. He is super friendly and I enjoyed my quick visits to the office!
Rebecca F.
Dr. Adam is wonderful! I started seeing him years ago to help manage my migraines. He's seen all 3 of my kiddos also from birth and up. He does not push or pressure to be seen regularly for any of us, just when I feel it's needed, which is great! He's easy to schedule with, explains everything and has suggestions on ways to help such as stretching and exercises. I've seen many chiropractors over the years and he's by far the best helping feel better overall! My kids will even ask when they can get adjusted again. I highly recommend Dr. Adam!
Stacy HK.
Dr. Adam does a great job. He’s efficient and knowledgeable. His adjustments helped my run my half marathon without any foot or knee pain!
Katrina A.
Friendly service, professional environment and great experience. It is very evident that Dr. Adam cares deeply about his patients. He takes the time to listen, discusses how you are feeling and thoroughly explains procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Adam for excellent chiropractic care.
Sravya D.
Dr. Adam is one of the best chiropractors in Sioux Falls! His honest, friendly, caring demeanor makes every office visit a dream. He is able to get you in right away with flexible scheduling and doesn’t have you keep coming back if you don’t need it. I highly recommend Dr. Adam for all your chiropractic concerns!
Laura A.
I worked with Dr Adam for some lower back pain in addition to some shoulder pain. Dr. Adam is professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and kind. I was always comfortable & was also pleasantly surprised that at each visit, he took the time to ask how things were feeling + genuinely listened. There was no pressure for “regular” visits and I am celebrating the issue being resolved! Thanks Dr. Adam!
Nikki L.
I've been seeing Dr Adam for about 2 months for severe sciatic nerve pain in my hip. I had immediate almost complete relief after the first treatment for several days. As I've continued treatment, the pain has been gone longer between adjustments. I'm up to almost 3 weeks pain free after being in constant pain for a couple of months.

Dr. Adam suggested exercises to help stretch the tight muscles causing the pain and suggestions for posture, using ice and using a tennis ball to knead out the knots at home.

Dr. Adam is friendly, approachable and takes time to thoroughly listen to what's going on and to answer my questions. He's also been very easy to schedule with and accommodates lunch hour appointments.

I'm so glad I chose Back in Balance Family Chiropractic for my spine care!
Tammy S.
Adam and Ashley are very polite, professional, and helpful! I have been treating with them regularly for over 6 months now. Dr. Adam has a very flexible schedule and is often able to change my appointment time, at my request (even at the last minute!) I would recommend their office to anyone seeking chiropractic care!
Cecelia C.
I had an employee hurt his back while moving into an apartment last year. After trying his medical doctor, waiting for it to get better, and taking pain pills he didn't improve and was still not able to work at all. I suggested that he give Adam a try and within a couple days, our employee was feeling so much better and within a week he was back to work. Thanks you Adam for the wonderful care you have him!! I too have used Adam and would recommend anyone give him the opportunity to help with all your chiropractic needs!
Mary Ellen H..
I met Dr. Adam in October 2014 and it was easy to identify right away that he was a professional individual who was diligent about taking care of his clients. He works with a variety of types of clients, including infants. Because I trusted him and his character, I referred a friend who's 4 month old daughter was having some issues with her neck. She spoke very highly of him and how he cared for her little girl. She was "very impressed" with him as well as how kid friendly his office was. I highly recommend visiting him!
Jeremy W.