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Why Do Sioux Falls Chiropractors Use Different Techniques?

Dr. Ashley Willow discussing treatment and demonstrating on a spine sculpture to a pregnant female patient.

It can be confusing to our chiropractic patients in the Sioux Falls area to learn that many chiropractors perform different techniques to care for their patients. In fact, there are over 100 distinct chiropractic techniques that are used by the profession.  Some chiropractors may use a combination of multiple methods while others may choose to focus on only one or two chiropractic techniques.  Some methods may focus on one area of the spine, such as the upper neck or the pelvis.  Other methods may use an instrument instead of hands to adjust a patient.  There are even some chiropractors that focus extensively on muscles or solely on nutrition and lifestyle.  In our office, our chiropractors primarily use the Gonstead System of chiropractic care to take care of patients.  We have found that the Gonstead technique allows us to care for patients of all ages and allows us to work with almost any joint in the body.

Where Did the Different Techniques Come From?

The origins of different techniques stem from past (and current) chiropractors devising alternate ways to take care of patients. Usually, they that feel these alternatives are an improvement from what they have been taught. If this technique seems to have success, then the practitioner may offer classes to try to teach it to other chiropractors.  In the case of Gonstead chiropractic, Dr. Clarence Gonstead of Wisconsin was approached by other chiropractors and asked to teach them how he cared for patients because of the excellent results they were seeing. This led to a multiple seminars per year teaching his methods to both students and licensed chiropractors.

How Do Chiropractors Learn New Techniques?

Most chiropractic colleges will teach their graduates a handful of techniques during their formal education.  At Palmer College, where our chiropractors attended, most learn what is called the Palmer Package. The Palmer Package consists of portions of several techniques with Gonstead being one of them.  Many chiropractors learn new techniques from seminars that aren’t affiliated with any specific college.  Dr. Adam has attended over 15 seminars on the Gonstead technique to learn it deeper than it is taught in the Palmer Package.  Many techniques may only be learned by shadowing other chiropractors or taking classes from the founder of the technique, as chiropractors continually want to improve their skills. 

Find The Right Chiropractor for You

With chiropractic being practiced so many different ways, a patient shouldn’t be discouraged if they didn’t achieve the results that they hoped for from any one given chiropractor or the method.  Trying another chiropractor and/or researching different methods online is always an option to try to get relief.  While we find that most of our patients get excellent results with our Sioux Falls chiropractors through the application of the Gonstead system, we will recommend other offices to patients that are looking for methods other than we offer.  If you have any questions about our office or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors in Sioux Falls, please contact our office. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that you have and help you on your road to optimal health.

Adam Renelt, DC is the founder of Back in Balance Chiropractic. Dr. Adam grew up on a farm in South Dakota and received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Dakota in 2004. In 2007 he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and started his career in private practice. He lives in Sioux Falls with his wife and son.  In his free time he enjoys reading and being outdoors, mountain biking and hiking.

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