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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

A child being checked by a chiropractor

It is common for patients or potential patients to ask if our chiropractors work with children.  The answer is “Yes, we do!”  Dr. Adam and Dr. Ashley have received training in pediatric chiropractic care and enjoy the opportunity to help children.  Our spines protect our spinal cord and nerves from birth onward.  Our spines are made of moveable vertebra. These vertebra can subluxate, or misalign, and prevent the body from functioning at its optimum level.  Chiropractic care focuses on removing these subluxations to help the spine function better. In this article I will dig deeper into pediatric chiropractic care.

A pediatric patient being checked by a chiropractor
Dr. Ashley Willow Checking the Spine of Pediatric Patient.

Is There a Minimum Age?

Another question people often ask is if there is a specific age a child must be before getting checked.  Chiropractic can help children of all ages. Infants, toddlers and teenagers have all been seen in our office. In fact, our chiropractors have checked and adjusted the spines of patients as young as 3 days old.  Dr. Adam and Dr. Ashley will modify their evaluation and care depending on the patient’s age and symptoms. 

What Symptoms do Pediatrics Show?

For adults and older children pain is a common a complaint that drives them to see chiropractic care.  Infants, toddlers and younger children may not be able to express that they have pain so it can sometimes be difficult for parents to tell if they need a spinal adjustment.  In these cases, a parent may notice them just not acting like themselves or they may notice specific symptoms.  Colic, difficulty turning their head, bedwetting, ear infections, constipation and acid reflux are all symptoms that have improved under chiropractic care.  If spinal subluxations are found the child may have improvement of these symptoms. 

With school aged children it is common for them to complain about headaches, back pain or neck pain.  They also may develop pain in their arms or legs from being active from playing or sports. These symptoms will often improve under chiropractic care and our chiropractors may give tips and recommendation for them to improve their posture when using technology or when at school, depending on their situation.

Pediatric Chiropractic Appointments

Chiropractic care for pediatrics may vary from adult chiropractic.  Your chiropractor will start with an evaluation to determine if there is a spinal subluxation.  If found, spinal adjustments, muscle massage or stretching may be used.  Also, lifestyle or dietary changes may be recommended.  If you are wondering if your child may benefit from chiropractic care, please contact our office for an appointment.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, check their spines and then, if indicated, start chiropractic care.

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