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Neck Pain Help in Sioux Falls

By: Adam Renelt, DC

Updated 4/22/2024

Neck pain is one the most common complaints that brings patients to our chiropractic office in Sioux Falls. In fact, millions of Americans report having neck pain every year and all ages can suffer from neck pain. Neck symptoms can be severe, acute pain or other times it can be a stiffness that is lingering for a long time.  Chiropractic care is often successful in helping patients that are suffering from neck pain.  Our chiropractors are trained to evaluate neck pain and determine if a given patient may be a good candidate for chiropractic care.

Anatomy of the Neck

X-ray of the 7 bones that make up the neck.
There are seven vertebra that make up the neck.

The neck is made up of 7 bones, known as cervical vertebrae, that form the spinal column.  These bones are connected by ligaments and the spinal column protects the spinal cord as it travels from the brain to the lower portions of the spine.  Nerves branch off the spinal cord and travel to the arms, neck, head, and shoulder regions.  Also, along with the vertebrae, there are muscles that connect the neck to the head and shoulders.  Dysfunction of the vertebral joints or muscles can both lead to neck issues.  In many cases, both the muscles and the bones may play a role in neck pain. Also, there are intervertebral discs in between each vertebra, which allows for motion.  A disc tear, or herniation could also cause neck problems.

What Causes a Neck Pain?

Pain or stiffness in the neck can be caused by a trauma such as a car accident, impact to the head, or a fall. It can also be caused by poor posture or repetitive movements. Postural issues could be from using a mobile device or computer. Other postural problems include sleeping on your stomach or watching tv with the head held at an angle for an extended period. It is important to try to find what activity or position caused the neck to become painful or stiff. Then, modification of activity or position may help prevent future occurrences of pain. Sometimes neck pain can actually be caused by a problem in the shoulder or upper back. These areas may refer pain to the neck with some injuries.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

When a patient has a neck complaint, our chiropractors typically start by asking questions about how long ago it started and the severity of the pain.  We will also ask about known trauma that could have caused the pain.  Other questions may include the location of the pain or movements that improve or worsen the pain.  Once a history has been taken, we will perform a chiropractic evaluation to determine if there are any spinal subluxations (or misalignments) that could be causing the symptoms.  With this information we will decide if the patient is a good candidate for chiropractic care.  Typical chiropractic care for neck pain will include spinal adjustments, muscle work, stretches and discussion of posture. If you have questions about your neck or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.  We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with chiropractic care.

Adam Renelt, DC is the founder of Back in Balance Chiropractic. Dr. Adam grew up on a farm in South Dakota and received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Dakota in 2004. In 2007 he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and started his career in private practice. He lives in Sioux Falls with his wife and son.  In his free time he enjoys reading and being outdoors, mountain biking and hiking.

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