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Ideas for Outdoor Exercise

By: Adam Renelt, DC

It is recommended that all Americans get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 90 minutes of strenuous exercise per week.  While most people know that regular exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, not everyone wants to go to a gym or use a treadmill.  From observing our Sioux Falls chiropractic patients, we find that most people are more likely to stick with an activity that they enjoy.  Also, we find that physically active people are less likely to have chronic neck or back pain than someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle. While all forms of exercise can offer health benefits, exercising outdoors can offer some extra benefits. These benefits may include increased Vitamin D from sunlight exposure, fresh air, varying terrain to work multiple muscles and connecting with nature.  

South Dakota Mountain Biking is an idea for Outdoor Exercise.
Enjoy Nature with Outdoor Exercise

Warm Weather Outdoor Exercise Ideas

Depending on your interests and daily needs, exercise performed outdoors can come in many forms in the warmer seasons.  Cycling (road or mountain biking) can offer a good cardiovascular workout and help to build leg and gluteal strength.  Hiking or trail running on uneven surfaces can help with balance and core response as well as being good for the heart, lungs, and leg muscles.  If you enjoy golf, choose to walk rather than ride in a cart.  Swimming in a lake or outdoor pool can offer a great full body workout. If you enjoy yard work, consider using a walking lawn mower instead of a riding mower.  If you have a fireplace or enjoy campfires, try chopping your own wood to get an upper body and cardiovascular workout

Cold Weather Outdoor Exercise Ideas

If you live in a northern climate your choices of winter activities may vary versus those in the summer.  If you enjoy cross country or downhill snow skiing, you may look forward to the next snowfall to help you to get your next workout.  Ice skating or playing hockey may be an enjoyable way to get more time in some extra movement.  If you must remove snow at your house, consider shoveling instead of using a snow blower.  If you have kids, having a snowball fight or building a snowman can be fun and offer some exercise in the winter months. 

Take Care of Yourself

These ideas are by no means all of the possible options, so think about your interests and come up with an activity that you enjoy to help keep you moving. If you are just starting exercise, consult with your physician to ensure that it is safe for you to exercise.  If you are struggling with back, neck or joint pain that makes it hard for you to exercise, please contact our office for a chiropractic appointment. Our Sioux Falls chiropractors can provide chiropractic care and work with you to help you feel well enough to resume (or start) the physical activity that you enjoy.

Adam Renelt, DC is the founder of Back in Balance Chiropractic. Dr. Adam grew up on a farm in South Dakota and received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Dakota in 2004. In 2007 he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and started his career in private practice. He lives in Sioux Falls with his wife and son.  In his free time he enjoys reading and being outdoors, mountain biking and hiking.

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