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Bed Wetting and Chiropractic Care

Children with bed wetting may benefit from chiropractic care.

Our chiropractors in Sioux Falls see pediatric patients that range from infants to toddlers to teenagers.  A common question we get is “Can chiropractic help with bed wetting?”  We do offer chiropractic care for children that are struggling with bed wetting. Nocturnal enuresis, or bed wetting, occurs when a child is unable to control their bladder and they urinate involuntarily.  Dr. Adam and Dr. Ashley have seen patients in middle school that still struggle to remain dry at night.  Chiropractic care may help improve the nerve communication from the bladder to the brain to help the child control their bladder or wake them up when they have the urge to urinate.

Is Bed Wetting Normal?

Nocturnal enuresis is normal under the age of 5 as they learn to control their bladder both during the day and when sleeping. Some children may have occasional nighttime accidents and others may wake up wet every night. If a child continues to wake up wet during the night after turning 5, their parents may want to research options to treat this issue.  Sometimes it is the frustrated parent that chooses to seek care and other times the child asks for help. As a child gets older, they may develop apprehension about attending sleep overs or participating in other activities due to concerns about wetting themselves.

Lifestyle Modifications Options

Some things parents can try at home include limiting liquid intake after dinner time. Also, some may find that avoiding red food dye has also helped their child. Other things to consider include a healthy diet that limits sugar intake and focuses on whole foods.  Night time alarms to wake the child to remind them to go to the bathroom may help some children.  Having a nightlight and making sure the child feels comfortable locating the bathroom at night are also things to consider.

Children with bed wetting may benefit from chiropractic care.
Dr. Ashley Willow performing a pediatric chiropractic evaluation.

Chiropractic Care and Bed Wetting

When we start working with a child that has nocturnal enuresis we start with a history.  This includes questions to see if the child has ever has had a stretch of time when they didn’t have wet nights. We also ask about any back injuries or falls they may have sustained in the past.  We will then evaluate the spine and pelvis for misalignments, also called subluxations.  The most common region of the spine that may cause bed wetting is the lower back and pelvis.  If we find a problem area we will usually start chiropractic care with a series of adjustments.  We will also likely ask the parents to implement some at- home changes.  When we find subluxations that may relate to this issue we find we have about a 50% success rate in our clinic.  Some children may have very quick results and others may have gradual improvement over a few months.  If we don’t have progress after one month we may take a break or discontinue care.  If you have a child that is struggling with bed wetting please contact our office to set up an appointment. We would welcome the opportunity to help!

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