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October 24th: Someone that drags their toe when walking may have a condition called foot drop. Foot drop may be caused by a lower back problem that puts pressure on the nerves in the lower back that control the foot muscles. As the muscles weaken they lose the strength to keep the toe elevated when walking.

October 17th: The lower back is made up of 5 lumbar vertebra and the pelvis. These segments may become misaligned, or subluxated, from trauma, poor posture or lifting objects. Chiropractic adjustment to the vertebra or pelvis can often help people who are having lower back pain.

October 3rd: The sacro-iliac joint is a movable joint that makes up part of the pelvis. If it is fixated or misaligned it can cause lower back and even leg pain. Chiropractors are able to evaluate and, if needed, adjust this joint to improve function.

At Back in Balance Family Chiropractic, our goal is to help you feel and function better as quickly as possible. Dr. Adam Renelt and Dr. Ashley Willow would like to form a lasting relationship with you and do not have the goal of making you visit three times per week for many weeks in a row. To help achieve results we provide quality, individual-based care through the use of the Gonstead Chiropractic System. Gonstead is a chiropractic system which allows us to care for a large variety of patients. They range from newborns and pregnant women to mature adults and from couch-potatoes to professional athletes. Our goal is to help you reach your optimal level of health as quickly as possible and to provide you with tools to keep you there.

We treat you and your concerns as a unique situation, rather than treat your symptoms with a pre-specified treatment plan- our strategy for your improvement will be catered to you alone. Whether your goal is to get back to gardening, out on the playing field, or to simply sleep pain-free, the greatest care will be taken to meet your specific chiropractic needs in a timely manner. If we don’t think chiropractic can help, we’ll let you know up front. Happy, healthy chiropractic patients in the Sioux Falls region are our primary goal.

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